How do I smoke CBD flower?

The hemp plant is everywhere these days. From smokable hemp products like CBD and CBG flower to more mainstream iterations of cannabinoids like CBD oil, CBN oil and any type of gummy you could imagine. It seems like you can buy pretty much any kind of hemp product anywhere these days, including at your local grocery store or online.

But there’s nothing quite like smoking a joint (no matter which iteration of the hemp flower you have rolled in it), there’s even reason to believe that smoking CBD flower may be one of the most effective ways to experience hemp flower and beyond. Why? Because the method of consumption plays a critical role in how it makes you feel.

Inhalation is still considered to be the best delivery method because of how quickly the body absorbs it. So whether you roll it in a joint, pack it in a bowl or vape it – just know that any way you inhale, you’re getting the best of what the mighty hemp plant has to offer.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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