Pre-Roll – HDI D8 Sativa – Quantum Kush – 125mg

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Our HDI Delta 8 Pre-Roll is the perfect choice for those who crave a smooth, balanced drag. Packed with premium Bubba Kush flower that’s de-seeded and de-stemmed, you’ll enjoy every hit of these expertly rolled joints.

These pre-rolls are stuffed with 1.5 grams of hemp flower. Containing less than 0.30% THC, the flower used to make these pre-rolls is legal in all 50 states.

Our rolling papers are the finest natural paper made with organic arabic gum; and burn slowly and evenly.


The palate experiences delightful layers of Pungent, Sweet, and Earthy tones.


This product is compliant with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. By weight, this product contains less than 0.3% hemp-derived delta 9 THC.


Bubba Kush Hemp Flower, Organic Arabic Gum Rolling Paper


Spark the pre-roll with a lighter or a hemp wick for cleaner consumption. Once lit, puff on the hemp pre-roll and inhale the smooth and tasty hemp smoke. Either smoke the hemp pre-roll until it is down to the filter or put it out and save it for another time.


Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness. Store away from humidity, heat, and light.

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