King Palms – HDI D8 – Apples and Bananas – 1.5g – 1CT

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King Palms – HDI D8 – Apples and Bananas – 1.5g – 1CT

These King Palms are a premium blunt packed with Delta-8 THC on the tip providing an experience to enrich any night or day.

Corn husk is used for the filter tip of the King Palm blunt. Using these materials to bite and draw smoke allows users to experience tight, smooth, and cool smoke. Each 1.5g Delta-8 King Palm is packed with cannabis terpenes and premium hemp flower.

The BALANCING effects produced by these delta-8 hemp blunts are classic of a hybrid strain.

Bud Description

A diverse strain with colors ranging from light greens to dark purples. Hints of yellow and orange hairs. A wide range of dense and fluffy nugs. Very sticky.


Spark the pre-roll with a lighter or a hemp wick for cleaner consumption. Once lit, puff on the hemp pre-roll and inhale the smooth and tasty hemp smoke. Either smoke the hemp pre-roll until it is down to the filter or put it out and save it for another time.

Storage and Shelf Life

Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness. Store away from humidity, heat, and light.


Premium hemp flower, corn husk, terpenes, Delta-8 THC tip

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